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"Danubius is great. Especially live." 
quote from San Francisco Bay Guardian's Will York


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Who is Danubius?

We are a San Francisco-based Eastern European band, specializing in traditional and Gypsy (Roma) music from Hungary, and additionally from
  • Romania 
  • Serbia 
  • Russia 
  • Macedonia
and other countries in the vicinity of the Danube River.  Led by Hungarian-American musicians Jutka Mándoki and Barbara Deutsch, our music has been called romantic, passionate, energizing, and can be described as a cross between the genres of folk and Classical music.

We play both Western and traditional Hungarian and Romanian musical instruments, giving us a unique sound.  

In addition to public performances, we're available for weddings, private parties, festivals, and all festive occasions!


Danubius during Covid-19
  • Saturday March 13, 2021

    Laguna - San Antonio Spring Festival (ONLINE)

    To register, click on Spring Festival

    The Festival presents international folk dance, with an emphasis on Balkan and international folk dancing.  It will include Bay Area bands as well as others from all over the U.S.

    The Festival is free of charge, although they would very much appreciate any donations!
    It's being held on Zoom, and when you register, you'll be sent a link to get you in.
    The schedules are all posted on the website.

    The whole Festival goes from Friday March 12 through Sunday March 14.

    Danubius will be performing two 15-minute Hungarian folk dance music sets, on Saturday evening.  This will be music for your dancing and/or listening pleasure.

    Please note that all times are given in California time.

    Our first set starts at 5:30 PM and the second one around 6:45 PM.  (As with any live event,
    the schedule may slip a little, so these times are approximate).
    Our 5:30 set (part of "Culture Corner") will include 

    1.  Szatmári:
    Verbunk, solo men's recruting dance
    Lassú csárdás, slow couple's dance
    Friss csárdás, fast couple's dance

    2. Mahala, couple's Roma/Gypsy dance

    Our 6:45 set (part of the Dance Party) will include

    1. Mezőségi:
    Négyes or Ritka Magyar, either small circle dance for 2 couples, or slow couple's dance
    Korcsos (should be long accent of 2nd o), couple's dance and/or men's solo dance in limping rhythm
    Lassú csárdás, slow couple's dance
    Szökős, moderate tempo couple's dance
    Sűrű csárdás, fast couple's dance

    2.  Porkák (medley of Hungarian polkas).  Time to polka!

    Enjoy lots of great music and musicians at night, as well as free dance classes and dance parties throughout the weekend.  Donations encouraged but not mandatory.

    To register, click on Spring Festival

    We look forward to entertaining you!

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